Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Inspiration Board: bright pink flowers

I’ve been craving bright colors lately. Maybe it’s the gloomy weather or post holiday color overload or a natural progression into Valentine’s projects.

To set the tone, I decided I needed a new inspiration board.

Instead of magazine photos or online photos I created bright flowers. Each flower has a bud, a partially opened flower and a full bloom. The flowers are made out of cardstock and glued onto a fabric covered matte. The leaves are real camellia leaves stuck on with double-sided tape so they can be replaced and freshened.

Even on the gloomiest day, these flowers will be brighten up my workspace.


  1. Carolyn, these are absolutely stunning! So classy, yet at the same time, very fun! I've been swamped with work recently so I haven't commented on your blog before. However, I discovered it a couple of weeks ago & have been quietly checking in daily. Today - though I'm STILL swamped - I just had to say how much I enjoy what you do! Smiles to you today!

  2. I am inspired to create seeing this board! The flowers were created with such grace


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