Friday, January 28, 2011

Etceteras: faux capiz shell luminary

I saw this amazing capiz shell chandelier in the West Elm catalog. I love capiz shells.

I wouldn’t attempt to make a chandelier but I did make a luminary.

To make faux capiz shells, simply glue or mod podge white tissue paper onto plastic. I used plastic that I had saved from the tops of stationery and toy boxes. Once the mod podge is completely dry, cut out your shapes. Wrap string around the jar and then glue the shells onto the string. I repeated this three times to make three layers of shells. I wrapped wire around the top of the jar in case I decided to hang the luminary.

Add your candle and enjoy.

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  1. can I just say that you are about the most imaginative blogger ever?! Your inifinite creativity just blows me away. I adore capiz shells too. I've been trying to think of a way to make a capiz shell window covering for the transom windows in the master bedroom. I wanted to string them like a little valence, but horizontally, not vertically. i want to have a wavy effect. I also didn't want to purchase a zillion shells and have to drill holes in all of them. This might be the start of a solution. At least a little proof of concept. It takes me just forever to formulate ideas. Anyway, thanks ever so much for sharing your creations so generously. warmly, diane

  2. Carolyn, I am just in AWE of you! Every single time I visit your blog I find wonderful projects that can really add touches of elegance to a home! I HAVE to make some of those lumiaries! How completely beautiful! Also love the wooden tacks and adorned towels! Were you ever (or are you NOW) a professional decorator? You definitely could be!

  3. You are amazing! Your crafts are elegant, lovely, and classy. I love the luminary. They look just like shells, amazing

  4. As usual, you've come up with something so creative! So glad you link up with me every week :)

  5. So much nicer than the other capiz tutorials. Making a chandalier for my daughter's room! Thanks for sharing!


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