Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Accessories: crafty, easy, stylish jewelry

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Jewelry Teaser 2I’m so excited to tell you about this new collection of easy to assemble jewelry. It’s called Styled by Tori Spelling and no, it’s not sold in high-end boutiques and upscale department stores – it’s available in major craft and hobby stores.

That’s right – these collections; Boho, Glam, Noir, and Glitz by Styled by Tori Spelling are so easy to create, you don’t have to be a jewelry crafter or a a crafter at all.

The idea is simple. There are mix and match pieces that you can interchange. For example; to make a necklace you pick a necklace top and bottom and use the connectors to hook them together. No pliers or fancy jewelry making tools needed. There are pendants and danglers you can add to make your piece even more of a statement.

Jewelry CollageThe pieces above are from the Glitz and Boho collections that I received to try out. 

You can also make matching earrings. Just connect the earring dangler to the earring hoop or finding. Want to change the look – swap out the dangler.

For a dramatic look, showcase a bold pendant on a necklace top and bottom.

You can also make bracelets. Again, this is so easy. You simply use the clasps to hook the bracelets onto the bracelet rings.

For this piece I used four bracelets and also added the leaves from a pendant dangler. 
Note: [crafty confession]: to add the leaves, I did use pliers since I was using the pendant differently than it was intended for. The leaves were clustered on a dangler and I added them individually to the bracelet links. 

Another project a little outside of the box, I used this adorable owl pendant to make a bookmark. 

Jewelry 16This is also a pendant dangler but decided to glue it to a barrette for statement hair accessory. 

The pieces are truly stylish with current looks like these beautiful metal textured leaves with turquoise crystal beads. The Styled by Tori Spelling jewelry is available at Michaels and Jo-Ann – the pieces may vary by store but with such a wide assortment in each collection you are sure to find something to suit your style.

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  1. I really love your out-of-the-box versions. And that first necklace with coral beads and turquoise dangler is such a gorgeous combo - wouldn't have thought to do it, and it is classic!

  2. Me, too. I would not have thought to mix turquoise and coral. But I'm going to do it now.

  3. Fabulous! My mom scooped up the orange. I will have to "borrow" it back! :)

  4. I'm on the same page with all the girls about the coral and turquoise. Beautiful!!

  5. I really like this great job folks.
    Boyne Bryan

  6. I love the idea of mixing and matching the different jewellery. I also made one of my pendant set with bracelet chain. Keep sharing the good work!!!


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