Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CELEBRATIONS: Thread Wrapped Candles

Thread Wrapped Candles via homework | carolynshomework.comI saw some string wrapped candles in a catalog recently and thought what a great idea it was to jazz up some plain candles for a festive celebration.

Thread Wrapped Candles via homework | carolynshomework.comThis is such a budget friendly way to create a colorful centerpiece for a fun celebration. Everything I used for this project, I had on hand. The candles were purchased after the holidays on clearance. They’re Hanukkah candles. Larger than birthday cake candles and they come in a variety of colors and styles.

Thread Wrapped Candles via homework | carolynshomework.comJust wrap some thread or string around each candle in a random pattern. You can melt the ends of the thread to the bottom of the candle to secure them.

Thread Wrapped Candles via homework | carolynshomework.comThe candle holders are made out of corrugated cardboard. Simple cut a strip and wrap them around the candle base. Secure the end of the corrugated cardboard with a strip of hot glue.

Thread Wrapped Candles via homework | carolynshomework.comAdd some fun knick knacks that you might have. These are some fun bobble head animals from my son’s room.

Thread Wrapped Candles via homework | carolynshomework.comAnd it wouldn’t be a festive celebration without a little confetti.

Thread Wrapped Candles via homework | carolynshomework.comSuper fun and colorful. These would be a colorful addition for a birthday party, Cinco de Mayo celebration or just about anything.
{As with any candle, never leave unattended}
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  1. a unique and creative way to create a candle centerpiece. I hope you will share this colorful idea at the hop tomorrow. Hugs!



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