Thursday, October 15, 2015

ETCETERAS: Clearance Desk Lamp Makeover

You probably know this about me by now but I love a good clearance item. Set me loose in the dollar store or clearance aisle in any store and I’m bound to find something that I end of “making over”. The best time to score these deals are after the seasonal sales. I found two desk lamps after the back-to-school frenzy was over for $5.00 each.

I bought two of these beauties because I actually needed a desk lamp on my kitchen command center desk and my craft table.

Not that I have anything against lime green. I’m sure it would look great in a college dorm or one of those cool, colorful spaces but I needed something a little more neutral.

This is such an easy makeover because there’s nothing that spray paint can’t fix. Well, almost nothing. So first you want to cover all the areas that you don’t want painted. I taped off the little knob and covered the goose neck and wire with plastic making sure the ends were securely taped.

Next, choose your spray paint color. I decided on Krylon hammered metal and painted one silver and the other lamp gold. With any spray paint, especially hammered metal you really need to shake up that can. Spray your object with light even coats letting the paint dry in between coats.

Here’s a close up of the gold.

And another close up. I have know idea what makes the hammered texture but I love it!

I’m putting the gold lamp in my office / craft room and the silver lamp in the kitchen. Oh, and ignore that coiled hose in the background on the patio – somebody, ooops me, left that out.

I’m all set – I just need to get a light bulb!

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  1. What a great makeover! I have to say, that green was a little bit hideous. I love that you took those lamps and made them useful and calmed them down so much with the gold and silver paint!

  2. So classy! I have always wondered if the hammered paint really worked - that looks amazing!

  3. Great work, Carolyn! I am a big fan of makeovers. I enjoy turning old stuff into new ones. Your gold desk lamp looks brilliant!

  4. I love a good clearance item as well and I also love how you made these lamps look a little bit classier! I love the hammered gold effect!

  5. That transformation is awesome.. it looks so vintage and beautiful! Love it!


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