Friday, March 25, 2011

Etceteras: twine and rag nests

Spring is here and that means it is nest building time. Birds are starting to gather twigs and other natural elements to make their little architectural wonders.

I love the idea of birds using bits of fiber to fill in the gaps of their nests and have seen them flying away with a strip of fabric, string or pillow stuffing.

I made this twine nests using the paper mache glue that I posted about here. I wrapped the twine around the bottom of a bowl after dipping it into the paste.

Once the nest was dry, I filled in the bare spots with torn pieces of fabric, yarn and moss.
I hope to see some real birds’ nests around the garden soon and hear the chirps of some baby birds.

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  1. Great idea, (once again)... I love the hummingbird nests.. the size is unbelievably small. I can think of a few uses for that nest-besides the obvious...

  2. that is absolutely precious! Such a wonderful idea.

  3. Cute! Great use for old fabric scraps, which I always have plenty of.

  4. This little nest is so adorable. What a great idea. So glad that I found your blog!

  5. These are adorable! I'll be linking from DSC later this week :)

  6. Wow, that is so pretty and so creative . I love it!

    Tracy All Thumbs Crafts


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