Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inkling: a thank you card from Sandy

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Don’t you love getting real snail mail? Or, I should say, don’t you miss getting real snail mail? Of course I don’t mean junk mail and bills. I mean real old fashioned cards and letters.

It’s so rare these days to get a card (except during the holidays), a letter, a thank you note or invitation in the mail. All of these things usually appear in my “in box”. So when you see something like this in your mailbox, it’s pretty exciting.

Especially when it it’s covered in pretty stamps like these.

This card was sent by Sandy of Sandy’s Space. If you don’t already know Sandy, hop over to her blog for some incredible paper inspiration. I’ve featured her many times on the Inspiration Board spotlight which is the reason she sent me this card. To thank me… an incredibly thoughtful and sweet gesture.

It was so touching to receive a thank you from the other end of the world. And of course the card is just beautiful – a papery perfect Sandy creation.

The inside is just as beautiful with pretty glitter scroll work. 

Blog Sandy Ang Card
Here’s some more of Sandy’s work. Beautiful paper and layers of creativity. 

Thank you Sandy for brightening my day with your beautiful handmade card. 


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  1. What a thrill and so pretty. She is very talented.

  2. What a special, thoughtful and gorgeous treat to receive!

  3. I love Sandy, I've been watching her for a while... :)


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