Thursday, November 29, 2012

Etceteras: pumpkin stems–planning for next year

Thanksgiving was only a week ago but I feel like I’m so behind on Christmas and holiday decorating. I did take down my fall table dĂ©cor {above} but the pumpkins have been sitting on the counter for a week. The reason I didn’t throw them away is because I save the stems. Real pumpkin stems can be used to make beautiful fabric pumpkins.

6a0105349b1e5c970b01539224cfeb970b-400wiLike these gorgeous velvet pumpkins from EAB Designs. The stems just add so much texture and beauty to each piece.

If you haven’t thrown away your pumpkins – big or small, orange or white, think ahead for next year. Here’s how I remove and dry my pumpkin stems.

These little white pumpkins are pretty tough so use caution cutting them.

Slice away as much pumpkin as you can until you end up with just a small piece of pumpkin flesh around the stem.

Set on a plate to dry. Once the pumpkin flesh is dry, it should just chip away leaving you with just a dried pumpkin stem. Store them until next year.

Here are some more beautiful fabric pumpkins using real stems.

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  1. OH! Now isn't that brilliant. I never would have thought of that. I just see those velvet pumpkins and think how cute they are ;)

    Oh my, you are going to have some beauties next year!!

  2. these are gorgeous! Such a great idea and something to keep in mind when selecting a pumpkin - a twisty stem. Completely lovely :)

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