Monday, January 28, 2013

Celebrations: decoupage heart & arrow

Valentine’s Day seems to be bring out the soft sweet side of me. It’s usually buried somewhere deep down inside and does makes an appearance every now and then.

Blog Decoupage HeartI’ve had this red plastic heart on my craft table for the longest time. I knew I wanted to cover up it’s red plasticky goodness and toyed with several ideas. Paint it, glitter it, wrap it in twine. I couldn’t decide. I ended up going with one of the easiest and most satisfying methods for covering something – decoupage.

I used pretty paper that had actual flowers pressed into it, scrapbook paper and bits from magazines all layered and adhered with Mod Podge Matte.

Once it was dry, I sealed the heart with Mod Podge Crackle Medium. The crackles are barely visible. The product has a very fine crackle effect which works well with this small delicate heart.

A friend recently sent me some inspirational photos of diy arrows that used real feathers. She said they reminded her of the painted feathers I recently made. I drew on that inspiration to make the arrow for this project. The arrow tip uses the same papers and crackle medium. The stick is a shishkabob stick wrapped in ribbon.

I had just picked up a bag of feathers at the dollar store and used a few to finish off the arrow.

Have you decoupaged anything lately? It’s amazing what you can cover with bits of paper.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
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  1. Hi Carolyn. So lovely decoupage! And very cute idea with the lovely feathers :-) no it's been quite some time since I have been decorations with paperscraps, but I want to do it now!! Thank you for the inspiration and have a beautful day :-)

  2. they are so pretty! used to decoupage a lot so nice to see these.

  3. Such a sweet (and doable) project...just had to share it on our FB page! :-)

  4. I love decoupage and your heart is too adorable!!! Love the feathers on the amazing arrow! Thanks for sharing, Carolyn.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  5. OMG - the heart is beautiful but that arrow tip? Love, love, love it! So sweet and cute and I'm just going nuts over it! :)

  6. Its amazing what a little paper and decoupage can do. I love the makeover this plastic heart received, Carolyn!! Its an amazing transformation. And the arrow is gorgeous!

  7. I laughed at your comment about your softer side ... mine is often hidden way down as well!

    Love the arrow with the feathers on the end!

  8. This is so pretty Carolyn!! I love the arrow with the feathers so much!!

  9. You made the right choice with your little red plastic heart. It turned out so cute. Love the way you decoupaged it, and your little arrow, Adorable! Thank you for sharing, it gives me some ideas what to do with some of my clay that I have.

  10. It is gorgeous! It looks like it would be in Somerset Studio.


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