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Show & Tell: homework round up: 2012 favorites

I’m jumping on the year-in-review round up post like so many other bloggers out there. I didn’t want to title mine “Best Of” or “Top Projects” because I’m not sure what those are. Since I make a wide range of projects, best can be easiest, or most delicious or prettiest.

So, when I went through my archives from 2012, I chose the projects that made me happy. I hope you enjoyed the projects that I shared here at homework during the last year and this little recap of happy projects.

Thank you again for visiting my tiny little corner of the creative world. I’m looking forward to sharing with you in 2013!

Homework Best of 2012 21. Lace Bottle: A recycled glass bottle covered in cotton lace becomes a pretty vase – perfect for wedding centerpieces or luncheons.  2. Valentine Twig Arrows: Twigs with felt arrow tips and feathers are a fun way to send a Valentine.  3. Crepe Paper Jellyfish: A fun project for kids or for an under-the-sea party theme.  4. Candy Cane Sugar Cubes: Use up leftover holiday candy canes and make homemade sugar cubes.

Homework Best of  2012 31.  Old Book Kindle Cover: Cover an old book with fabric to make a Kindle cover – it turns a book into a reader case.  2.  No Sew Eye Glass Case: Use a paper towel or wrapping paper tube to make a fabric covered eye glass case.  3. Brown Bag Bay Leaf Wreath: Use up grocery store brown bags to make a pretty faux bay leaf wreath.

Homework Best of 2012 41. Faux Hobnail Milk Glass Vase: Create hobnails with puffy paint and turn an ordinary vase into a faux hobnail milk glass vase.  2.  Spring Candles: Embellish plain candles with tissue paper and other items.  3. Mod Podge Charm Bracelet: Make charms out of paper and Mod Podge for a unique piece of jewelry.  4. Herb Pots: Turn ordinary discount store pots into pretty herb pots with a little paint and clay.

Homework Best of 2012 51. Souvenir Jars: Instantly rust a jar lid for a weathered, vintage look.  2. Quinoa Tomato Salad Bites: Super yummy and healthy, I shared a variety of quinoa recipes in 2012.  3. DIY Beach Glass: Mimic the look of tumbled beach bottles with a little paint, Mod Podge and dirt.

Homework Best of 2012 61. Button Earring Holder: Vintage buttons on ribbon become earring holders.  2. Cameo Candles: Plain candles are dressed up for the holidays with bits of ribbon and scrap booking cameos.  3. Chocolate Tea Bag Tags: Dress up your tea bags for your next tea party, luncheon or shower with pretty homemade chocolates.

Homework Best Of 2012Cornhusk Pumpkins: Disguise dollar store pumpkins with cornhusks for a unique fall look.  2. Faux Wood Leaves: Use wood grain contact paper to make a variety of projects including these faux wood leaves.  3. Frosty Apples:  Turn your fall apples into winter frosty apples with Mod Podge, Epsom Salts and bits of pretty embellishments.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I appreciate all of your work, Carolyn, have a great year!

  2. So many lovely projects. Great work Carolyn!

  3. You are so creative! These projects are not only clever but so pretty, too.

  4. As you should! It's your round-up right? You have so much to choose from too, I can not believe the amount of projects you are able to create and share. Your creativity blows me away! Two of my most favorite were the hobnail and the herb pots. SO CUTE! Still make me smile :)))

    Happy New Year!!

  5. you've made some amazing things. the felt arrows and the faux wood leaves are my personal faves, neither of which i saw the first time around so i'm so glad you showcased them x


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