Thursday, August 22, 2013

ETCETERAS: White & Ecru Lace Stenciled Bottle

White & Ecru Lace Stenciled Bottle via homework (5)BSpray painting a wine bottle is such a fun and easy craft project and the results are instantly gratifying. For this project, I added some pretty lace detail and I love how it turned out.

White & Ecru Lace Stenciled Bottle via homework (6)To make this project, you’ll need an empty wine bottle. Find one, drink one or for those wine enthusiasts, grab a bottle from your stash! Wash out your bottle and remove any labels and sticky residue.
White & Ecru Lace Stenciled Bottle via homework (1)Once your bottle is clean and dry, give it a few light coats of spray paint. Let the spray paint dry completely. To create the lace pattern, I used a Martha Stewart Adhesive Silkscreen. Apply the silkscreen directly to the bottle making sure it is tightly adhered with no wrinkles. To apply the paint you can use a foam pouncer or the squeegee method. I prefer the squeegee method. These are special little rubber craft squeegees that pull the paint over the surface. Once you’ve applied the paint, remove the silkscreen carefully while the paint is still wet.
Note: I used a combination of different craft paints to achieve the ecru color paint.
White & Ecru Lace Stenciled Bottle via homework (9)Add a bit of pretty cotton lace to the top of your bottle to coordinate with the lace stencil pattern.
White & Ecru Lace Stenciled Bottle via homework (2)Add a few fresh flowers to your new unique one-of-a-kind vase.
White & Ecru Lace Stenciled Bottle via homework (5)
If you’re interested in making this project, here’s a quick list of the materials I used:
White & Ecru Lace Stenciled Bottle via homework (8)
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  1. How beautiful! I love your elegant style Carolyn!

  2. Such an elegant and pretty vase! Love love the lace detail!!

  3. This is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous!

  4. Truly elegant. It is not easy to pull off a DIY bottle project that looks beautiful, as opposed to tacky. Thanks for the inspiration to try again!

  5. I love this! I would love to have these at my wedding!

  6. Beautiful! I'd love for you to link up to The DIY'ers.

  7. Beautiful, Carolyn. And I think your first step (Drink wine) is my favorite way to start a project LOL

  8. Carolyn, this is so beautiful! I just love your crafts, they are so chic and sweet.

  9. Carolyn, your bottle is beautiful and well done. How do you spray paint a bottle and get even coverage? Thanks. Judy

    1. Hi Judy,
      You have to use a few very light coats. Keep the spray paint can moving. Don't let it saturate an area. Spray painting is a challenge for me because I tend to be impatient and want to get it all covered. I have to force myself to be patient. Hope that helps!


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