Thursday, April 9, 2015

GOOD TASTE: Naked Cake Fail & Spring Cupcakes

Naked Cake Fail (1)I’m sure you’ve seen all of those beautiful “naked” cakes that are being pinned lately. They’re all the rage and so pretty overflowing with layers of frosting, berries and flowers. I decided to try to make one and although I wouldn’t categorize it as a complete fail it definitely falls short of the inspiration images I’ve been eyeing.

Naked Cake Fail (3)Tada! Here it is in all it’s sad glory. You can laugh – it’s okay. So here’s where I went wrong. First of all, the beauty of the naked layer cake is in the multiple layers. I made two small layers. I think you need at least 3 or 4 to make an impact. I also used the wrong kind of frosting so there’s not that beautiful deep layer of frosting in between, I should have put berries in the middle to also help prop things up. The good news is it tasted really good.

I did manage to salvage the effort. With the leftover batter I made some pretty spring cupcakes.

Spring Butterfly Cupcakes (3)The cake pan I use for small family gatherings is a small 6 inch pan. I always make cupcakes with the remaining batter and used these pretty laser cut cupcake holders to dress them up.

Spring Butterfly Cupcakes (1)The butterfly is from the Dollar Store. I love them and actually should have bought more.

Spring Butterfly Cupcakes (4)Have you ever tried making a multi-layer naked cake? Let me know if you have any tips… I can sure use some help with my next naked cake.

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  1. It looks good to me! The cupcake is so pretty too.

  2. I did not think the cake was a fail until read it. And the cupcake is really pretty. Since you already know what to do next time, it will taste and look great next time!

  3. That is not a cake fail, my friend! I think it looks lovely. I can show you a picture or two of a real cake fail if you're ever interested. Yours looks like a million bucks compared to some of mine :). Love your cute butterfly cupcakes too!


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