Thursday, August 18, 2016

HOME ROOM: Master Bedroom Makeover Final Reveal

Bedroom Makeover Final Reveal Side Table RosesOur master bedroom makeover is finally done. Group hug and high fives! It’s taken me months and months to complete this project because I have so few weekends to work on it. Between working full time, business travel, family and everything else, I had to wait until I took time off work to finish the final details.

Bedroom Final Reveal Curtains & Bamboo ShadesThe final project was installing these new bamboo shades. I had a hard time choosing the color but I wanted to keep the coastal, breezy feel in the bedroom so I went with Shoreline Cordless Woven Wood Shades in Boldo. My first choice was a Good Housekeeping Woven Shade called Antigua Bleach White but at more than three times the price, I was content with the Boldo Shades.

Bedroom Final Reveal Bamboo Shades CurtainI could have actually lived with the old white wood blinds. They didn’t look horrible but I was SO tired of the dust. Blinds are so hard to keep clean. These cordless shades will be much easier to dust and in fact, I think the brush attachment on the vacuum will be my new best friend.

Bedroom Final Reveal Bamboo BlindsWe have a ridiculously wide window in our bedroom. It measures around 96”. I had a few options; one header with one blind which would have been too heavy, one header with two or three blinds, or three separate blinds all together. Going with one header was much more expensive and would have been a custom order wo I went with three separate blinds – the middle blind being the widest to cover the center window.

The downside with three separate blinds with individual headers was that I had to go with an outside mount which also meant taking down the curtain rod and reinstalling it a few inches higher.

Bedroom Final Reveal Hanging Bamboo BlindsI installed these by myself and since we can’t move our bed I placed my wicker trunk on top of the bed to stand on. It was like trying to install blinds while surfing. I made a few mistakes and had to patch a few holes but I did it and I love how they look.

Blog Bedroom Dresser MakeoverThis bedroom makeover has been quite a project. In case you haven’t followed along, it started with these outdated Ikea dressers that I texturized and painted. You can check out the details HERE.

Blog Bedroom Makeover 2-001In the next phase, I covered the headboard with a simple table runner as a temporary fix until we get a new bed and proper headboard. I also finished painting the remaining dressers and spray painted the wicker trunk which was a horrible green. 

Blog Bedroom Progress Rug Part 3Phase 3 of the makeover was an easy fix. Some new bedding, pillows and a beautiful beige and blue ombre throw rug pulled all the pieces together.

Bedroom Final Reveal Journal

Bedroom Final Reveal White  Neutral & BlueI’m so happy with the results. I lived with dusty blinds and orange wood furniture for years and it’s so refreshing to walk in the room now. And although I said it was done, there’s actually few more things to do. We definitely need a new bed and that is going to be our next big purchase. There’s also a corner of the room that I never show. It’s my husband’s corner and it needs a little work. I’ll share more details when I makeover that corner but let’s just say it involves an old chair and a perpetual pile of clothes and shoes. 

Bedroom Final Reveal Wicker TrunkFor now, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Bedroom Final Reveal Coffee Tray
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  1. Love your makeover! The bedroom looks so peaceful and filled with light! And having your adorable dog as one of the accessories doesn't hurt either! :)

    1. Thank you Laura! She's a senior dog now and follows me no matter what I'm doing.

  2. Welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things link party Carolyn! I popped over to see a lovely makeover and was tickled to see your smiling face. It's the perfect place to start and end your day. Hugs!

  3. I am in LOVE with the curtains! Great job! The room looks great!


  4. Looks so nice, fresh and airy! Great makeover dear! xx
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  5. Carolyn, your room looks amazing. I really like the matchstick blinds.

  6. Your room is beautiful! I am amazed to read HOW you installed those blinds! ;)

  7. Oh I love your curtains! Such a pretty design. Great room makeover!

  8. Wow your make over is lovely. Every one will get impressed with your designs. The way you wrote about the make over is very nice. I think you have shared a wonderful idea for bedrooms. We all like to get a attractive home and your blog helps a lot by providing good ideas. Thank you.


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