Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Homework: reading {book play}

homework {reading} Book Play (3)Friends, I’m behind on my reading. I have a stack of crafty books to tell you about and I thought I’d start with this one because I love making little books and working with paper.

homework {reading} Book Play (2)Book Play Creative Adventures in Handmade Books by Margaret Couch Cogswell is not only beautifully inspiring but a great go-to book to keep on your shelf for reference.

homework {reading} Book Play (9)The book showcases Margaret’s work with beautiful photography where you can almost feel the texture of the interesting papers used on the books.

homework {reading} Book Play (4)You’ll learn how to cover and bind a book with detailed step-by-step illustrated instructions.

homework {reading} Book Play (1)The book also asks the questions “What is a book?" Does it have to be a certain shape and bound? Not according to the author. Books can be any shape and be as playful as you can imagine. A tiny book in a matchbox is one example. How about a roll of tape that dispenses a story? So many fun ideas that can jump start your creativity.

homework {reading} Book Play (7)I love the unfinished edge of this cloth book. I’ve always tried to neatly glue the covers of the books I’ve made and I’m going to file away this idea in my brain.

homework {reading} Book Play (8)This travel book couldn’t be more opposite than the soft cloth book above. Sturdy rough paper wraps around the pages ready to be filled with fun travel notes and memories.

homework {reading} Book Play (10)And here is where things get really fun and interesting. I’ve seen this method used on other crafts. Take an old book and fold the pages to create a tree or other shape. This book has become a Pencil Bird. So creative and unique. What a fun item to place on your desk or give as a gift.

homework {reading} Book Play (11)This project is right up my alley. A paper mache bird holding a miniature book. The title Air Mail couldn’t be more appropriate and clever.

Book Play has definitely opened my eyes and creativity to beyond the rectangular bound book. These (above) are some of the books I’ve shared here on homework over the past years. As you can see, most of them are pretty traditional in shape and form.

If you are interested in learning the basics of book making and discovering some fantastic non-traditional ideas for books, you’ll want Book Play on your shelf. You can find more information on Lark Crafts.

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