Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fresh Look: Embellished Wood Boxes {homemade gifts}

Embellished Wood Box via homework (9)I’m having lunch with three friends next week. I used to work with them when I used to get dressed, carry a brief case and drive to the office. We’ve all left the corporate world for one reason or another and supported each other in our various new ventures.

Embellished Wood Box via homework (4)I wanted to make each of them a little gift and I had just received these fun round wooden boxes from Wholeport. They come unfinished and can be used for a gazillion things.
Embellished Wood Box via homework (2)I love the natural wood look but decided to give the boxes a light coat of white paint. I used Martha Stewart craft paint in Wedding Cake.
Embellished Wood Box via homework (1)Once the paint was dry, I added a bow and rhinestone embellishment.
Embellished Wood Box via homework (8)The bows are made with varying lengths of organza ribbon tied in the center. To achieve the burnt curled edges you carefully burn the ends with a flame. You can use a candle or barbeque lighter – I find a candle to be easier since it frees up both of your hands. Carefully hold the edge of the ribbon to the flame. It only takes a second to burn so use caution. You may want to keep a bowl of water nearby in case your ribbon catches on fire. Mine has never caught on fire but better safe than sorry. The edges of the ribbon will be melted and hot for a minute so don’t touch {trust me on that one}.
Embellished Wood Box via homework (6)Once your ribbon has cooled off, glue it to the center of your box. Add a a pretty rhinestone embellishment to finish off your box.
Embellished Wood Box via homework (3)For the pink and green ribbon, I used a rhinestone pin from the David Tutera Wedding Line. The only one that’s different is the box with the gold ribbon. I used a vintage buckle that I found in a box of vintage buttons and notions given to me by my friend. She had gifted me her mother’s sewing stash and I’m gifting back this one piece now adorning this box. 
Embellished Wood Box via homework (5)These boxes were fun to make and I’m excited to have lunch with my friends, get caught up and give them their little gift boxes.

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Signature Box 3


  1. These are so sweet!! I like how the ribbon kind curls, it adds to it. :)
    the rhinestones are really pretty, love how this seems simple, but looks so elegant. :D
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Those little boxes are so lovely and the jeweled embellishments make them positively divine! I know your friends are going to flip for them!


  3. These are so pretty Carolyn!! I love the way you embellished them - they are so sweet and feminine!

  4. These are ridiculously gorgeous!!! Love the burned edges on the organza ribbon.

  5. So darn pretty. I love the sweet accents.


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