Monday, July 21, 2014

ETCETERAS: How to Galvanize and Rust a Tin

There are many methods to age metal. Depending on the type of metal and the look you want, you can turn your new metal objects into super rusty pieces, chippy, a patina finish or the look of galvanized metal. I was going for the galvanized metal look and ended up with galvanized metal with rust.

DIY Galvanized Rusty Tin via homework - carolynshomework I don’t mind the rust. It’s always a bit of a chemistry experiment when you try to age metal.

DIY galvanized rusty metal via homework - carolynshomework.comTo get the look of galvanized metal which has a dull, uneven finish, you soak your metal piece in toilet bowl cleaner. I used a heavy duty ziploc bag to soak my tin. The tin originally had a very shiny finish. I had used it for another project and it had globs of permanent glue on it. In order to get the glue off I sanded it lightly. This is probably why my piece not only “galvanized” but rusted. That and the fact that I forgot about it and left it soaking outside in the toilet bowl cleaner overnight.

* Use gloves and preferably work outside since the toilet bowl cleaner is very harsh.

DIY Galvanized Rusty Tin via homework - carolynshomework (5)When I remembered my tin the next day it was completely covered in orange rust. I thought it was ruined but once I rinsed it off most of the rust came off and I was left with a non-shiny, semi galvanized rusty tin.

DIY Galvanized Rusty Tin via homework - carolynshomework (10)The process is so interesting. I can’t wait to try it on another metal piece. The next time I won’t sand it and we’ll see if I get just a galvanized look.

DIY Galvanized Rusty Tin via homework - carolynshomework (11)Since it’s summer, I added a starfish to the top of my tin.

DIY Galvanized Rusty Tin via homework - carolynshomework (1)You can check out my previous post on how I rusted a jar lid with vinegar here. Have you ever aged metal? What technique have you used? Let me know, I love trying new things.

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  1. Fantastic! I love the look you achieved!!!

  2. It came out beautiful! I love all of the patina you achieved!

  3. Thank you for this! I'm always looking for ways to age metal. So, I just now put a couple of test pieces in blue goo. ;)

  4. Thanks for sharing! I was just thinking the other day there has to be a way for me to make my own galvanized looking tin! Ha! you beat me to it! Can't wait to go try it out!

    - Jaclyn


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