Thursday, January 14, 2016

Etceteras: 30 Easy DIY Projects to Keep You Organized

Round up, organization, diy, easy, It’s that time of year friends. The time where we get the bug to purge our homes and get organized. I’ve gathered some diy organization projects from my archives that may inspire you to start on the organization band wagon.

For me, I always find it easiest to tackle one small area at a time. I make a goal to spend 10-15 minutes each morning to make a dent. Maybe it’s one drawer or cupboard.

It recently too me weeks to clean out my clothes closet. Why? Because I didn’t have time to devote a day to cleaning it out. I put a garbage bag on the floor of the closet and every night I pulled out two things to put in the bag. After several weeks, the bag was full and I had room to quickly neaten up and organize the rest of the closet.

So here’s to small steps toward organization. I hope you find some of these projects useful.

round up organization, diy, easy, projects
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  1. What a collection! I like collecting DIY projects which are really useful at home. Your post has helped me a lot. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Carolyn those are great ideas to keep me organized and on top of that, most of them are recycled items. Love your posts and your great site. Thanks you for sharing!


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