Monday, September 3, 2012

Little Crafts: crepe paper jellyfish

Jellyfish 5_FinalHere’s a fun under-the-sea craft that little ones can do.
Make a crepe paper jellyfish.

Depending on your little crafters age, you can make this project simpler or more elaborate.

Materials Needed:
  • Cupcake liners
  • Crepe Paper (for this project, I used white, pink and purple)
  • Glue
  • Needle and thread

Jellyfish Collage Final
  1. Start with two cupcake liners stacked together to form the base of your jellyfish. I found that one liner was too flimsy so I used two. Thread your needle and poke the needle up through the cupcake liners.
  2. Cut rounded-edge strips of crepe paper and stick them onto the needle. For smaller children you can just glue them on. Once you are done covering the cupcake liner with the crepe paper strips, poke the needle back through creating a loop to hang your jellyfish. Tie off the bottom of the threads.
  3. Cut various lengths and widths of crepe paper to form the tentacles.
  4. Flip the cupcake liner over and start gluing the strips of crepe paper to the inside. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

Hang your jellyfish and let the tentacles flutter in the breeze (or ocean current).

And the best part is these sweet jellyfish don’t sting!

Happy Labor Day to my U.S. friends ~ enjoy the day off!

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  1. Cute project! Would be really super for a beachy party or something like that! Thanks for sharing, I pinned it!

  2. Hi Carolyn! What a wonderful Way to use crepe paper. I never use it, but I really must do it now, it looks so light and fairy, thank you so much for sharing and have a wonderful Day!

  3. This is just too adorable! Love it!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  4. oooohhh, this is sooo pretty Carolyn!!!! Too bad I finished my son's underwater-themed birthday already!!! Oh, well,there's always next year. ;-)

  5. This is beautiful Carolyn! How fabulous these would be for an under the sea party or ocean themed room. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.


  6. THis is so dang cute and beautiful at the same time! I love that it is affordable as well. thank you for the inspiration!

  7. These are so pretty, Carolyn! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Most beautiful jellyfish I've seen outside of the Jellies exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

  9. This is so beautiful! I know you said it is a kid's craft, but wow - this looks so sophisticated! :)

  10. Love this, so cute! stopping by from whatever goes wednesday. your blog is lovely! :)

    xo, Ruthanne

  11. this is fantastic! How creative!

    <3 Bethany @

  12. This project belongs in an Anthropologie window display...LOVE it! Been trying to think of some creative & fun things for our little girl's room. I think I need to make this!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. This is so dang cool. I would have totally made these if we had our "Under the sea" theme at work this year... bookmarking these for future projects!

  14. ooohh, never seen such gorgeous jelly fish Carolyn! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  15. This is so adorable! I would totally do this for one of our parties or themed events!! Pinning!

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