Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sew & Tell: sentimental vintage treasure

My friend recently gave me a bag of vintage linens and sewing notions that were her late mother’s. Although they were treasured items she had no need for them and told me to make some pretty things with them.

homework vintage treasure (26)It must be hard to part with a loved one’s things even if you know you’re never going to use them. 

As is typical with vintage sewing notions, the buttons were stored in bags and boxes. One box was an old prescription medicine box. This was obviously prior to plastic bottles with child proof lids.

When I opened the box, there were a few white buttons tucked away and the medication instructions still intact under the lid of the box. It’s dated 1951! The box is sixty-one years old. Amazing.

homework vintage treasure (2)Pretty linens that have become soft over the years. Some are stained from use so I can use them as cutters for pillows or quilts.

homework vintage treasure (24)A variety of beautiful buttons. There were bags and bags of all types of buttons.

homework vintage treasure (25)
Some of the buttons were still on their original cards. The card on the top right probably had 20 of those green buttons and is marked 19 cents. That’s less than a penny a button.

These buttons were stored on a large safety pin. I love this picture – such a simple idea that represents a simpler and slower paced time. 

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  1. Oh that photo of the pin? My mother used to store her buttons the same way - back in the late 60's.
    What a charming post!

  2. Although I love all of the pictures, I absolutely love the safety pin with buttons on it. Your sentiments are spot on!

  3. Those pictures you took are BEAUTIFUL. Keep up the good work!

  4. I adore these vintage sewing notions and fabric! Please let your friend know that there's many of us online admiring your pictures of them. :)

  5. Those are such pretty notions. I have some buttons on safety pins like that - from my MIL, I believe. Simple, and ingenious.

  6. so beautiful every single piece....Carol..thank you so much for linking to our party once means so much to me...luv ya bunches..xo

  7. I love every one of those pictures ... there's something about vintage goods that just make me happy. Love the buttons on the safety pin!


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