Thursday, June 26, 2014

BE MY GUEST: Diaper Babies by BeBetsy

Welcome today’s guest: BeBetsy, sharing these adorable diaper babies.

Diaper Babies make the cutest baby shower gift! We have a huge family with lots of babies, every first-time mom always gets a box of these cuties from Aubrie and me! They are easy to make and adorable.
They are also completely usable.

3 other BABIES Those pictured are for girls but we have made cute boy Diaper Babies as well. You can find mini argyle socks or plaid baby socks that just make you laugh out loud when you see them. You can still do ribbon or shoelaces or.... be creative!

3 babies Before gift wrapping, arrange the babies in a cute basket or in a decorated box, cute plastic bowl or whatever you think may be useful to the new mom.

You will need:
  • Diapers - I always buy a small package of size 2 diapers for 12 - 18 pound babies.
  • A set of colorful washcloths - you can find them in packages of 8
  • Baby socks - package of 6 (you will have leftover socks if you use 8 washcloths)
  • Ribbon, shoelaces, or baby head wraps
  • Black Sharpie

Making 2Stack 2 diapers turned in opposite direction of each other (so that one end is no bulkier than the other). Keep the white sides to the outside. Roll them together as tight as possible. Lay the rolled diaper (open end down) on the folded washcloth leaving of half the diaper above the fold. To wrap the diaper, bring the front up and then fold the sides over each other and tie with a ribbon or head wrap. Use one sock on the babies head as shown and draw the little closed eyes with a black Sharpie.

You will make as many babies as you have washcloths. Put the leftover diapers and extra socks under the babies and wrap them for giving. This gift always gets a big smile from everyone!

You can visit BeBetsy here or on Facebook or Pinterest.

Thank you so much BeBetsy for sharing this darling idea with us. These are not only cute but practical too.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
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  1. I'm so into babies right now and finished my 4th diaper cake in 4 months! But I would love to try these too, too cute! Thanks Megin & Carolyn!

  2. Thank you for allowing us to guest post!


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