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NOTIONS: Craft Supplies on Etsy

Etsy Craft Supplies via homework

One of my favorite places to find inspiration and craft supplies is Etsy. It’s my go to place if I need a specific item or a small amount of something. Etsy has an entire craft supply category and it’s fantastic. Paper straws, no problem. You can find them in a rainbow of colors. I needed them for a project and didn’t want to run all over town so I ordered them from Etsy. The same with glassine bags. You can order these in bulk or source them from another store, but on Etsy I can pretty much find any size and any quantity I want.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite items. I’ve shopped at some of the stores that I’m featuring but not all of them. However, all the shops featured here today have hundreds if not thousands of positive reviews.

il_570xN.286978592Pretty Tape is one of my favorite shops. They have tape and other goodies like glassine bags. These bags are only $2.50 for 50 bags.

il_570xN.547548524_oc8oThis shop sells vintage linens and trims. How gorgeous is this velvet ribbon that you can buy by the yard.

il_570xN.482756315_pq6gPaper straws are great for parties and for styling photos. Maria Palito sells party goods and these paper straws are only $2.75 for 25 straws.

il_570xN.529238566_2b5sNeed a special stamp? There are several shops that specialize in customs stamps like Hunter and Co. Designs.

il_570xN.594677187_lzwoGirl with s Sword makes handspun and hand dyed fiber. Gorgeous for that special project.

il_570xN.594966357_6t11There’s a ton of ribbon shops. You can find ribbon in bulk or by the yard. This mint grosgrain ribbon is only $3.00 for 5 meters fro Supplies Emho.

il_570xN.430942269_1opkYou never know when you might need some vintage skeleton keys. Key Lime Supplies has you covered.

il_570xN.291714245Every type of baking supply you can possibly imagine is on Etsy. Or at least I could possibly imagine. Cupcake liners, sprinkles, grease proof treat bags, baker’s twine and more. This shop, Baker’s Bling Shop has a great assortment.

il_570xN.458716478_134jPretty Tape has an amazing assortment of Washi Tape. Chevron is always popular but they have patterns that are very unique too.

il_570xN.269645539Simply Baking Supplies has a huge assortment of sprinkles, jimmies, sanding sugar, pearls and more.

il_570xN.605145328_r0feHave you been longing for some real vintage French linen? Vintage Décor Francais specializes in antique, vintage and retro French décor.

Homework is not affiliated with any of these shops nor do I receive any type of compensation from these shops.
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