Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Taste: veggie chips

You know that guy? That big guy? That big green guy? You know, the jolly one.

That’s right… the Green Giant. Well, he’s got a big surprise for all of us. Introducing Green GiantTM Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips and Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips.

For many of us, we started off the new year with all kinds of resolutions. One of mine was to eat healthier so I’m always on the lookout for new healthy alternatives to traditional snacks.

These are the Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips – Zesty Cheddar Flavor. They’re naturally flavored and made with real vegetables. Plus each serving packs a mighty 17 grams of whole grain toward the recommended daily amount of 48 grams.

These chips are lighter than regular tortilla chips. When you bite into one the crispiness and subtle flavor is a pleasant surprise. It’s such a nice change from the regular heavy salty tortilla chip. I tried them out with a little low fat ranch dip. Delicious with or without dip.

Made with real sweet potatoes, these Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips with Sea Salt Flavor are a great alternative to a regular chip. Light and ever so slightly sweet with a bit of saltiness. And with 40% less fat than regular potato chips, I’m sold.

I’ll be stocking up on these chips and including them in my son’s lunch bag. He also plays a lot of sports so they’re perfect for a little snack before or after games. It will satisfy his snacky craving and I’ll feel good about what I’ve packed for him.

And because the Green Giant wanted to surprise everyone with these new veggie chips, he also discovered some surprise talents. Impressive!
Do you have a surprise talent? The Green Giant wants to know about it. Show it off on the Green Giant Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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  1. oooh these look delic, just my sortoff thing, ali

  2. Ho Ho Ho, I tried them too...we LOVED them!

  3. Tried them and loved them! That dip looks good too!

  4. So good! (But holy cats, the talent on the YouTube channel scares me a bit...)

  5. Can't wait to try them. They look really good.

  6. LOVE the sweet potato chips!! Thanks for sharing this fun. xo

  7. So yummy!! The sweet potato ones are my favorite!

  8. I didn't think about trying them with dip! What a great idea!


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