Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Good Taste: graeter’s black cherry chocolate chip ice cream

Graeters Black Cherry Chip 4Have you heard of Graeter’s Ice Cream? They’ve been making ice cream since 1870 and are now in their fourth generation of family ownership. They asked me to try out their ice cream and first new flavor in 3 years – Black Cherry Chocolate Chip. It was a happy day when that freezer cooler of ice cream arrived on my doorstep.

CaptureIce CreamHere’s what makes Graeter’s so special. They’ve been making ice cream the same way for over 100 years – two gallons at a time in a French Pot. The fresh ingredients are folded into the pot and as the pot spins the creamy blend thickens. The process is so gentle that it prevents air from whipping into the ice cream, so the result is a heavy, dense and creamy ice cream.

I got to sample three flavors; the brand new Black Cherry Chocolate Chip (above). 

Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip

And Vanilla Chocolate Chip.

The ice cream is heavenly. It’s very rich and creamy. All the ingredients are high quality and fresh - real farm fresh cream, hand selected berries and Peter’s Chocolate. See that big chunk of chocolate at the top of the ice cream above. When Graeter’s adds chocolate to their ice cream they pour liquid chocolate into the spinning French Pot just as the ice cream is finishing. This creates the oh-my-goodness large chunks of chocolate you find in your scoop.

I hadn’t heard of Graeter’s until I was sent this ice cream but found out they sell it locally at my grocery store. You can find Graeter’s online at, in ice cream scoop shops or in grocery stores. 

I’m a new fan – to quote Oprah “You haven’t had ice cream till you’ve had Graeter’s.”

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I received complimentary ice cream from Graeter's for the purpose of this review. No further compensation was received. All opinions are mine.


  1. I LOVE Graeters! My family is from Northern KY, where Graeters originated! It is the best ice cream in the world, hands down. Unfortunately, they closed all the local stores to expand nationwide in stores. Wish I could find it over here at our commissary!

  2. I grew up in Cincinnati so Graeters has always held a special place in my heart. My piano teacher managed a Graters so I always received a lot of freebies. Now I live in the south and was so happy when I could start buying pints of Graeters in stores. There is no other ice cream like it.

    Vanilla Chocolate Chip is, hands down, THE BEST!

  3. Ice cream is my weakness! It is funny that you mentioned black raspberry choco chip because I have been particularly addicted to that flavor recently. I have never tried Graeters, but Oprah is rarely wrong, especially about food! Thanks for the tip.

  4. So jealous! My family lives in Cincinnati and I get a Graeters fix when I visit. Yum!

  5. YUM! These all sound incredible! Going to check out the link to see if I can find it in my area right now :)

  6. This looks and sounds so yummy! I had never heard of this brand before but when I checked their site they do sell it at a local supermarket. I know what I'll be buying for dessert this weekend. Thanks for sharing, Carolyn.

  7. wow this ice cream looks dreamy! i have never heard of Graeters before but I'm going to have to find some!


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