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ETCETERAS: icon wall stickers

Icon Wall Sticker Bon Appetit via homework |

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Bon Appetit friends! I’ve added a fun wall sticker to my kitchen wall and I love it. The sticker is from Icon Wall Stickers and they have a huge selection of wall stickers. The stickers are more like decals and they can be removed if you want to change the look.

UFOWhat’s great about Icon Wall Stickers is that their stickers come in a variety of sizes including extremely large graphics like this cool UFO spaceship.

WhaleOr this adorable whale. There are tons of stickers to choose from with great graphics or quotes for a bathroom, living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen. I chose “Bon Appetit” for my kitchen and ordered the smallest size since I have a small kitchen. The stickers are easy to apply and as I mentioned they are removable if you want to change your look.

Here’s how you apply the sticker.

Icon Wall Sticker Bon Appetit via homework | carolynshomework.comStart by taping your sticker to the wall where you want it. You will need to tape the top and bottom corners and then run a piece of tape across the middle of your sticker.

Icon Wall Sticker Bon Appetit via homework | carolynshomework.comRemove the tape from the top corners. Pull your sticker back toward you and peel off the backing. Once you’ve peeled down to your center tape cut the backing off and place the top part of your sticker back onto the wall. Basically, you’ve just removed half of the backing while the sticker was in place. Use a credit card and press the sticker to the wall.

Icon Wall Sticker Bon Appetit via homework | carolynshomework.comOnce the top half of the sticker is stuck to the wall remove the center tape and bottom tape and repeat this entire process for the bottom half. Are you still with me? If you order a sticker the instructions will be included. It’s really easy!

Icon Wall Sticker Bon Appetit via homework | carolynshomework.comNow you can remove the top layer of paper. Carefully peel it away to reveal your wall sticker.

Icon Wall Sticker Bon Appetit via homework | carolynshomework.comAnd there it is. It fits perfectly. I have a long narrow kitchen usually referred to as a galley kitchen. The wall at the end is odd with a lone cupboard hanging all by itself. One day, I’d love to remodel the kitchen so that the counter wraps along this wall. Maybe the stove can go along that wall – any suggestions from you home décor experts?

SurferMy son wanted this surfer decal but he doesn’t have the wall space in his room. Maybe if he cleaned his room we’d find the walls…

Speech BubbleI got him this speech bubble instead. We haven’t had time to put his up but it will be a fun addition to his room and I’m sure a conversation piece.

For more information, visit the Icon Wall Sticker website.
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