Monday, February 7, 2011

Etceteras: simple toothpick holders

I saw these adorable little toothpick holders on Eat Drink Chic. Amy’s were vintage holders but I thought they’d be fun to try to make.

Photo - Eat Drink Chic
   Making these toothpick holders is easy.
  • Start with an aluminum paper roll. These are a little smaller and thicker than paper towel rolls.
  • Cut the rolls into 1-3/4” lengths - I used a small hack saw to cut the tubes.
  • Lightly sanded the sawed off edge.
  • Glue a piece of cardstock to the bottom and trim.
  • Wrap the tube in pretty paper and secure with double stick tape.
  • Add your toothpicks and you’re done.

Here are my versions.

I chose paper that had a retro or vintage feel inspired by the holders on Eat Drink Chic.


Place your pretty toothpick holders in handy locations. By the stove for testing baked goods or in your crafting area for a variety of uses

... or at your next party for the hors d'oeuvre platter.

This project is linked at the following:

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  1. Hi Carolyn..I love your version...clean fresh colours and very practical!

  2. Well done great recycle idea as well ☺

  3. Great idea! I am always wondering what to put the toothpicks in when we have get togethers!

  4. This is awesome! So cute and I love the colors. I'm a brand new follower and I saw your post on Texas Monkey.

  5. I love those. I can't wait to get an empty foil tube so I can make them.

  6. What a cute idea. I need something to hold my toothpicks. I recenlty threw away the tattered box and don't like the Tupperware container I had to put them in.

  7. You just made my night easier. I just re-did my kitchen and spices. I needed something to hold my toothpicks. Thanks for a great idea for hopefully positive outcome!

  8. I've been SUPER busy & have failed to comment on all the posts from here forward. But I DID read them! And while you may just want to remove one or two of the toothpicks from those clever lil' containers & poke them in my eyes for being such a deadbeat, I hope instead you'll forgive my negligence! As ALWAYS, I love your brilliant, classy creations! Now I'm going to comment on the OTHER posts!


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