Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inkling: security envelope bird

A while back, I made these security envelope cards.

I still have stacks of junk mail security envelopes and wanted to use some of them up. Since most of the envelopes are blue, I decided to make a bird.

To make a bird like this, draw or trace the outline of your bird onto a piece paper. Cut out feather shapes from your security envelopes and glue them onto the shape.


The more envelope patterns you have, the more interesting your finished design will be.

This is a craft that can also be modified for young children. Use clipart or a coloring book and let them glue the pieces onto the shapes.

The best reason to craft with security envelopes? It gives junk mail a new purpose besides the recycling bin.

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  1. That is awesome! Quite possibly the coolest thing I have seen made out of security envelopes.

  2. Quick! Someone PLEASE, come & shut my mouth! It's hanging wide OPEN with complete AWE & if I'm not careful, that beautiful bird will fly right INTO it! Seriously, Carolyn - I want to SEE inside your brain! Brilliant!

  3. Very subtle, imaginative design, inspiring too. Thanks you so much for posting it.

  4. I think we've been using the same box of security envelopes for the last decade. It's amazing how things that used to be so necessary are now considered disposable...thanks for sharing such a fun idea!

  5. What a great idea! So cute!
    Your blog is so inspiring!


  6. I love it! If you hadn't mentioned the envelopes I never would have guessed that is what it is made from!

  7. That is seriously awesome! I'm a new follower. :)

  8. Wow! That is so pretty! I love this idea!

  9. ahh this is SO SOOOO pretty
    I love it:)


  10. Great idea, I should turn my bills into those, lol!!!

  11. Amazing! The bird looks so nice. You are very talented!

  12. That is such a great idea! I think I'll start stashing those pesky envelopes now :D

  13. Thank you so much for joining the More The Merrier Monday Linky Party. Be sure to come back next week. I look forward to seeing more of your projects.


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