Monday, April 1, 2013

Extra Credit: spring cleaning inspiration

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

After the holidays I was gung ho on spring cleaning. I tackled some big jobs like the wood blinds that are all over my house, the screens that have been collecting dirt and dust all winter and dust bunnies that keep multiplying and hiding.

But then things got busy again and now we’re officially in spring and I haven’t finished my spring cleaning. Now that the sun is shining, the winter neglect in my house is really obvious. I need to find the inspiration to keep going and really dig in.

Looking at other people’s clean houses is a great motivator. I spent some time browsing around some of my favorite sites looking at all the pretty rooms, spring cleaning slideshows and articles.

Sigh…. everything is so pretty and clean. It makes me want to grab my cleaning products and rubber gloves and clean everything.
And once everything is clean and sparkly, I can start organizing. I love how tidy everything looks in these pictures. Pretty boxes, craft supplies, bright and fresh towels and a happy laundry room.
I’m motivated to get cleaning. Now I need to stock up on cleaning products – lots of cleaning products.

Did you know that the Dollar General carries things like:
- Clorox Bleach®
- Cottonelle®
- Viva paper towels®
- All stainlifter®
- Snuggle fabric softner®
- Wisk cleaner®

Here’s what’s on my list:
  • Clorox® Bleach is a staple in my house. I like the Clorox® Concentrated Regular-Bleach because they come in small, easier-to-use packages.
  • For everyday wiping and swiping, I use Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes. I’m sort of a germaphobia and I’m always wiping down handles, light switches and phones with these. So easy - just wipe, toss, and you’re done.
  • I’m a really messy cook and baker. Things are always splattering and spilling. So I a lot of paper towels and Viva® paper towels stand up to my kitchen messes – even when they’re wet, they’re tough so clean up is easy.
  • Tilex® Mold & Mildew Remover – again my germaphobia thing. Tilex® Mold & Mildew Remover kills 99.9% of household mold & mildew and eliminates stains. No need for scrubbing – the stains disappear before your eyes. 

Okay – I’m off to start cleaning! Happy Spring and Happy Spring Cleaning!
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  1. I wish we had a Dollar General! I love to save money, especially on cleaning stuff. I want the best, but the best deals too. Plus, I like to keep a set of cleaning supplies in each bathroom. Great pictures, I know what you mean, they sure do make you want to clean and organize!

  2. Oh those things are definitely on my list! I'll have to check out Dollar General to get them instead! Thanks for sharing! xo, Kimberly

  3. I love Dollar General for inexpensive cleaning supplies.

  4. It is really nice sharing and also informative. Your Dollar General thinks are new to me but I think it is effective through your pictures.

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  5. Until I moved to this tiny little town 25 minutes from the nearest anything I never went to a Dollar General and wondered why they were in every little town I passed through on my travels. Now I know...I'm blessed to have them in my town...and I can even walk to it.

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