Monday, May 13, 2013

The Dirt: spring japanese vegetable garden

Spring Vegetables via homework (9)I’m so excited to get my vegetable garden going. My mom brought over these little seedlings the other day. Her neighbor gave them to her and my mom passed them along to me.

Spring Vegetables via homework (5)This is how they arrived. Perfectly imperfect in an egg carton. I loved the presentation and the earth-friendliness of it.

Spring Vegetables via homework (4)The plant names were handwritten on the sides of the egg carton. It looks like my spring vegetable garden will have an Asian theme this year. Fun.

Spring Vegetables via homework (6)I quickly transplanted them into little pots until they get a little larger. It was getting late in the evening so I grabbed some clothespins and reused the handwritten egg labels so I wouldn’t get the plants mixed up.

Spring Vegetables via homework (7)I wasn’t familiar with all these vegetables so I did a little research. Kabocha is known as Japanese pumpkin or kabocha squash and has a slightly sweet taste. Kabocha is cooked in many different ways -you may be familiar with kabocha in tempura or it can be simmered.

Here’s an example of roasted kobacha squash from Tiny Urban Kitchen.

Spring Vegetables via homework (8)The smallest plant was this chocolate cherry tomato plant. I hope it makes it because I’m dying to try these little gems. This was the only seedling that wasn’t part of the Asian veggie theme but that’s okay – I’m all about multi-cultural.

Finger crossed I get some chocolate cherry tomato beauties like these from Log House Plants.

I’m super excited about the Japanese Eggplant. I love eggplant and this slender Japanese variety is so good. Japanese eggplants have thin skins, and a sweet, delicate flavor. I’m planning on trying this Grilled Japanese Eggplant recipe from Kitchen Princess.

Spring Vegetables via homework (10)The last plant is a Japanese Cucumber. These are so refreshing sliced paper thin and served cold as a salad.

Sushi chefs can slice up these cucumbers at crazy fast speeds. I have one of those crazy scary Mandolines that slice super thin. This Japanese Vinegared Cucumber Salad is by Apple Pie Patis & Pate.

Blog Spring VegetablesMy Asian inspired vegetable seedlings will soon join their American friends that are already in my garden. The sweet and lovely strawberry plant and the manly beefsteak tomato.

Spring Vegetables via homework (2)I’ll keep you posted. I’m so excited!

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  1. looks great your mini garden!!!
    have a nice week!

  2. Looking good!
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  3. So fun! I can't wait to see what you do with your harvest!

  4. Sweet! Love your markers too :)

  5. Really beautiful garden Carolyn!

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