Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fresh Look: painted basket {faux dipped}

Painted Basket {faux dip dye} via homework (2)I saw some pretty paint dipped baskets on the Martha Stewart craft of the day. Such a fun way to jazz up some plain baskets.

Painted Basket {faux dip dye} via homework (1)Here’s an easier way to achieve the dipped look without dipping the entire basket in a pan of paint.

Painted Basket {faux dip dye} via homework (7)Simply use a brush to paint a wavy line of paint to the bottom of the basket to mimic the look of dipped paint.

Blog Dip Dye BasketI started with a plain basket but didn’t like the dark warm tone of it. To tone it down I used craft paint thinned with water to give it a white washed color.

Painted Basket {faux dip dye} via homework (8)Once the white wash is dry, paint your wavy area at the bottom of the basket.

Painted Basket {faux dip dye} via homework (4)This one is going in my bathroom to use as a catch all. But I can think of lots of fun uses for faux paint dipped baskets. Fun!

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  1. Clever idea for adding interest to a plain basket. From now on, I'll definitely look at all those simple baskets I see at garage sales with an eye toward their potential for the divine dipped look.

  2. I love the look and what an easy project. I love the tip about toning down the color with thinned paint! This would make a great hostess gift filled with some homemade goodies and a bouquet of lavender.

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Beautiful idea Carolyn. The "dip" look adds a lot of interest to the pretty basket!

  4. Great job Carolyn! I love the painted-dipped look baskets I did in bright colors, but now I'm wondering about doing another in white.
    Karen @ annumography

  5. So fresh and pretty! Love the white wash too :)

  6. OO I love the look of this, very cute! Thanks for sharing!

  7. The white wash is a smart idea! Looks great :)
    - Lora

  8. What a fabulous way to dress up a simple basket!! Adorable:)

  9. I love'em Carolyn! They look just like West Elm's baskets!
    xo Becca

  10. Such a cute basket and so simple!! Thanks for linking up at FNF!!


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