Thursday, October 2, 2014

GOOD TASTE: Jazzed Up Instant Ramen Noodles

Instant Ramen Upgrade  - homework (2)

You know those instant ramen noodles – the ones that come in a compact rectangle with a little powdery season pack? Ya, those. I always keep packages of those in my cupboard. If I do make them with the season pack, I only use about 1/3 of the packet. But I rarely use the seasoning that it comes with. Instead, they’re a great base for leftovers. Beef, pork, chicken, shrimp… just about anything goes with those noodles. Here’s an example of what you can make.

Instant Ramen Upgrade  - homework (1)Start by cooking your noodles. A good substitute for that sodium season packet is a low sodium chicken broth. If you want to add some sliced mushrooms add them while the noodles are cooking so the mushrooms will cook too. I also added some Kale. Don’t add any greens until the noodles are cooked. It will quickly wilt in the hot broth and doesn’t need to be boiled.

Instant Ramen Upgrade  - homework (6)
I had a few leftover chicken tenderloins. Not enough for a full meal for the family but enough to slice up and add to the noodles. Perfect!

Instant Ramen Upgrade  - homework (3)Everyone likes ramen a little differently. I like a little subtle flavoring like a sprinkle of chives and some black sesame seeds.

Instant Ramen Upgrade  - homework (7)For others, it isn’t ramen unless it has some heat. One of the most popular sauces of course is Sriracha hot chili sauce. Seriously, this stuff has a cult-like following.

Instant Ramen Upgrade  - homework (4)I also had some nori (dried seaweed) on hand and cut some up to add to the ramen.

Instant Ramen Upgrade  - homework (2)And there you have it. Almost everything I had on hand or were leftover. The mushrooms and kale were purchased fresh but will be used throughout the week for other dishes. So next time you see those ramen packs in the market, consider keeping a few packages and keeping them on hand for an easy leftover night.

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  1. great tip! i could eat soup every day in the fall!

  2. Mouth watering. I go to many ramen restaurants, but I never really thought to make it myself (besides the ramen cookbook which scares me because they are super difficult) Totally buying ramen on my trip to the grocery store tomorrow! Kyla @

  3. I'm really hungry right now and these look fabulous! (Even if I wasn't hungry I'd want a big bowl). Pinning!


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