Thursday, October 9, 2014

UPCYCLING: Easy Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard Sign - homework (carolynshomework (4)Am I late to the chalkboard party? I’ve actually done a few chalkboard projects but this is my first chalkboard sign. I’m not sure if the chalkboard trend will be with us much longer but that’s okay, I still wanted a chalkboard sign for my hutch. I don’t have a mantel so this dining room hutch is my décor central. And since this frame was just sitting around and fit perfectly on the top shelf, it seemed like it was meant to be.

Chalkboard Sign - homework (carolynshomework (1)I’m sure you’ve seen many tutorials on making some into a chalkboard finish. There’s chalkboard vinyl, spray paint chalkboard paint and regular chalkboard paint. I had a tub of black chalkboard paint in my stash and it’s really easy to work with. For my base, I used the chipboard that came with the frame. Paint three coats of chalkboard paint. Coat 1 horizontal, coat 2 vertical , coat 3 horizontal. Or you can start vertically – just go the opposite direction with each coat. Let dry thoroughly between coats. The brush strokes disappeared as it dried. Yay!

Chalkboard Sign - homework (carolynshomework (2)Once your paint is dry, rub chalk all over your chalkboard. This seasons the finish. If you don’t, the first thing you write or draw will be sort of semi-permanent on your finish.

Chalkboard Sign - homework (carolynshomework (3)Erase your seasoning chalk and you’re ready to use your chalkboard sign.

Chalkboard Sign - homework (carolynshomework (5)I drew a simple picture of leaves and berries with the words “Welcome Fall”. Don’t judge on the artistic skills. I think with a little practice, I can improve on this. Hopefully…

Chalkboard Sign - homework (carolynshomework (6)And here it is on my hutch. This is a little sneak peek at my fall décor. I’ll share more of my fall hutch next week.

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