Thursday, July 25, 2013

Extra Credit: It’s almost Back-To-School time

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ry%3D400I know we’re only a little over halfway through summer but it’s starting to happen. The words “back-to-school” are starting to creep into my brain. If you have kids, is it happening to you? Are you starting to make mental lists or even written lists of what you need to get.

Blog White CloudHere’s how our (or I should say my son’s) typical summer goes. Photos 1-3: pure summer enjoyment. The boards become part of the backyard and I don’t even bother to sweep out the sand in my car. Photo 4: Time to start thinking about the required summer reading (note the crazy sunglasses and sports magazine tucked under the books – and I didn’t stage that photo). Photo 5: Reality: Back-to-School time and time to sweep the sand out of my car.
Back when my son was little, I’d wait to get the supply list from the school and then make a mad dash to the store and power shop my way through the list. Pens, notebooks, No. 2 pencils, binders, filler paper, graph paper and composition books. As he got older the supplies got even more specific and more expensive. Do you know what a graphing calculator costs? I don’t even want to think about the fact that he’s broken two of them. On top of the school supplies, I would make separate lists other items, such as a back pack, lunch box, shoes, clothes and athletic gear.
 photo 1162ef5e-4d2d-416a-a97c-75470d9d7477_zpsb860d0db.jpg
Now that I have a few years of back-to-school under my belt, I can plan ahead and stock up on things when they’re on sale. Like tissues. Every year boxes of tissues are on his school supply list.
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Hawaii 4That’s right guys, almost time to get out of the water and face reality! The lazy, hazy days are coming to an end.
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